Fleurie Restaurant

Sep 12, 2013
We love Charlottesville food photography shoots. Today we enjoyed a shoot at Fleurie Restaurant on the Downtown Mall. Read more >>

Blenheim Farm

Sep 6, 2013
Photography and videography shoot of 5105 Blenheim Road. Great property listed by Sloan Manis Real Estate Partners. DSC00982 Read more >>

People On The Mall

Sep 3, 2013
You can’t step onto the Charlottesville Downtown Mall without seeing a few interesting people. It really is a photographer’s dream. DSC00798 Read more >>

Charlottesville’s Beautiful Homes

Aug 30, 2013
Walking around CVille, it’s hard not to notice all of the wonderful houses. Here’s some photography for all you real estate lovers. DSC00967 Read more >>

Arts & Crafts On The Mall

Aug 29, 2013
Photography on the Charlottesville Downtown Mall never gets old. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you find something new and interesting. DSC00800 Read more >>

One Meatball Place

Aug 28, 2013
A fun and delicious photography shoot in Midtown CVille. What a life! Read more >>

Orzo Kitchen & Wine Bar

Aug 27, 2013
Charlottesville Photography, featuring Orzo Kitchen & Wine Bar. DSC00017 Read more >>

Charlottesville Statuary

Aug 26, 2013
We have some wonderful statues in and around CVille. Here are a couple of them, located on or near the Downtown Mall. DSC00694 Read more >>

Shadows On The Mall

Aug 22, 2013
Light and shadow, sunlight and the cool shade of trees in full greenery. What could be better than Charlottesville in summer? DSC00671 Read more >>

On The Charlottesville Downtown Mall

Aug 22, 2013
Taking a stroll down the Charlottesville Downtown Mall. Taking in the sights. Enjoying the views. If you haven’t been to our fair city, now’s the time. DSC00718 Read more >>