Tin Whistle Irish Pub

Nov 3, 2014
We had a great time at the pre-opening for Tin Whistle Irish Pub. 106.1 FM was on hand to emcee The Lone Rangers’ release party, the drinks were flowing and everybody enjoyed the evening. Thankfully, we were there to get photography of the event!!! DSC05690 Read more >>

Cocktails In Charlottesville

Oct 8, 2014
Going on photography shoots in Charlottesville often involves taking photos of things you just know you have to go back and try some day. Such is the case with all of the cocktails we have had the chance to shoot. FIG, commonwealthSKYBAR, Fellini’s #9 and Petit Pois Restaurant are just a few of the places we love! DSC05068 Read more >>

The Human Element

Oct 6, 2014
Bringing in the human element is a great way to personalize your brand. Food pictures get a lot of interaction on social media, but once in a while it’s nice to show off your employees. Especially ones that all of your customers love. That’s why, when we go on a photography shoot or videography job, we make sure to get some shots of the people that make your customers return time and again. DSC02319 Read more >>

Intrastate Inc. Radio Ads

Oct 2, 2014
It’s not every day that we get to spend time in a radio station helping to make a radio ad. But that’s just what we did for Intrastate Inc., Charlottesville’s premier pest control and service company. Our photography shoot consisted of not only getting some candid photographs of Stephanie Wells, but helping to write the ads! Charlottesville photography and videography should always be this fun!!! DSC05256 Read more >>

Michael’s Bistro: Great Food On The Corner

Sep 19, 2014
We were fortunate enough to get a chance to photograph some of the amazing dishes that are served daily at Michael’s Bistro & Taphouse. The food looks amazing, and we’re all planning a work dinner there ASAP! DSC04492 Read more >>

FIG Bistro & Bar

Sep 10, 2014
Anja is one of the friendliest people in Charlottesville, so it was a pleasure to spend time on this photoshoot at Fig! Here are a few pics from the shoot, and you can see more in some of our stories at I Love CVille: 8 Facts About Anja Andelic From FIG, 6 CVille Dishes You Have To Try This Week and The Ultimate UVA Corner Crawl! DSC05047 Read more >>

Spicing It Up With Just Curry!

Sep 5, 2014
Just Curry is a great restaurant on the Downtown Mall, and we were lucky enough to have a chance to shoot some of their fresh veggies and delicious curry!! DSC05170 Read more >>

Michael’s Bistro Oktoberfest

Aug 26, 2014
Michael’s Bistro is going to be a blast for Oktoberfest, and we got a sneak peek of what you’ll be seeing there. Here’s a taste! DSC04730 Read more >>

VMV Brands Purchases Downtown CVille Real Estate

Aug 19, 2014
One of Virginia’s best advertising and solutions agencies has found a new headquarters near the historic Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, Virginia. DSC04324 Read more >>

Fellini’s #9

Jun 12, 2014
We had a great time shooting at Fellini’s #9. We got awesome shots of the staff, the food and their many colorful cocktails. We’re definitely looking forward to shooting there again! DSC03602 Read more >>